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Anaesthetic Safety

Anaesthetic Safety at Sunnybank Veterinary Clinic

As with human anaesthetics there are risks involved. We have put in place Gold standard safety procedures to provide our patients with the safest possible Anaesthetic.

 All of our surgical patients are provided with the following care:

Health Check:

Your pet will receive a thorough health check on the day of surgery. At this time we will be listening to the heart and lungs, assessing hydration and checking that he/she does not have a fever that may indicate illness.

Pre-Anaesthetic Blood testing:

A small amount of blood will be taken from your pet to check vital organ function. Drugs and anaesthetics are metabolised in the body by vital organs, so we need to ensure that they are functioning correctly to successfully do so.  

Interpreting your pets blood results

Pre medication and induction agents

Pre medicating your pet involves a light sedation as well as starting off pain relief. This allows your pet to relax. An induction agent is given before placing your pet onto a maintenance gas to ease him/her into the anaesthetic with minimal stress.

Intravenous fluids

When placed under anaesthetic, the body’s blood pressure drops. Placing your pet onto intravenous fluids through a catheter helps to maintain blood pressure. This will provide support the body’s vital organs. It also helps to keep your pet hydrated and to assist the body in flushing out the anaesthetics used.

Patient Monitoring

An experienced nurse will monitor your pet throughout the anaesthetic to ensure that vital signs remain stable and that your pet is feeling no pain.

Maintaining body temperature

The body’s temperature cannot maintain itself quiet as effectively while under anaesthetic. We keep your pet warm using specialised warming blankets and/or placing warm sock on your pet.

Recovery ward.

Once we are happy that your pet is awake from the anaesthetic he/she is placed into their own kennel in our recovery. Here they receive on going observation. We will keep him/her warm with blankets and hot water bottles. Your pet will be discharged when we are happy that he she has recovered from the anaesthetic.

Follow up appointment:

When you pick your pet up we will arrange an appointment to make sure that they have recovered from anaesthetic and address recovery procedure such as suture removal.