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Clinical Pathology

Your pet may require specific tests to diagnose a condition or illness. We may collect samples during your consultation with the veterinarian or we may ask you to obtain a specific sample at home prior to your visit.

Clinical pathology involves the laboratory evaluation of blood, fluids or body tissues in order to identify existing disease. Common laboratory tests include blood chemistries, complete blood counts, blood clotting times, urinalysis, faecal tests, biopsy examination, cultures and infectious disease testing.

We have a well-equipped in-house laboratory to assist in diagnosing your pets’ condition.

Blood Testing

Our blood work machines enable us to provide results within minutes for simple testing to check for anaemia, blood clotting times, heartworm testing, and urinalysis. This also allows us to run in house blood panels to assess vital organs.

Microscopic analysis

Some conditions are caused by microscopic organisms. Our Veterinarians are able to diagnose various conditions with the help of our in house microscope. We may diagnose parasite infestations in faecal samples, bacteria and yeasts which may be causing a skin or ear issue, or crystals and bacteria in your pets’ urine. On site diagnostics allows are to provide prompt treatment of your pets’ condition.

Slightly longer time is required for specific faecal testing for parasites. Specialised testing may take 12-24 hours for blood results or up to 14 days for biopsy results, depending on the nature of the test being performed. Ask your veterinarian when to call for your pet’s laboratory results.

Specialist veterinary laboratories perform most of our major pathology testing. They are local and have results back to our clinic in an excellent time frame. By out sourcing pathology testing, our veterinarians gain access to pathology specialists for an opinion about the results.