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Lost Pets

There is no worse feeling then when you return home, the gate is open and your furry friend is nowhere to be seen. As responsible pet owners there a few measures that we can take to better our chances of getting your pet returned home safe and sound.

Phone Local Veterinary Clinics

Pet’s that have escaped can travel remarkably long distances before being found. Call as many vets in the surrounding suburbs and log your pets’ details with them.

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Micro chipping:

It is now a legal requirement that all animals being rehomed are micro chipped. Please ensure your contact details are current and up to date. Notify the animal registry if you move home. Providing the registry with more than one contact number is ideal. If you are unsure what your pets’ chip number is you should have him/her scanned at the vet.  They can not only give you the number to record but keep it on their system too. The following Animal registers within Australia. Most companies will be able to direct you to the correct registry your pet is chipped with.

Australian Animal Registry

National Pet Register

Central Animal Register


The RSPCA provide a great service in collecting patients that may be lost. They also have a lost animal register that you may log your details on in hopes to find your pet.

RSPCA Lost Animals

Brisbane City Council

Get into contact with your local pound. The BCC pick up numerous lost animals and take them into the safety of the pound to try and find their owners.

Brisbane City Council Lost Pets


How to minimise the risk of losing your Pet:

  • Microchip and update details
  • Place a collar with an identification tag including contact phone numbers.
  • Secure your premises and maintain fencing. Ensure your pet cannot dig under or jump over fences.
  • Prepare for storms and/or other occasion (parties, New Year celebrations etc.). Which may scare your pet? Prepare a “safe Haven” within your home where your pet feels he/she can safely hide to wait out potentially frightful occasions
  • Have a secure lead on your pet while walking outdoors.